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GoGeomatics Speaker Series: Ottawa Archaeology & Geospatial Social

Join GoGeomatics Ottawa on March 18th for Roman Archaeology and GIS! 

GoGeomatics Ottawa’s March Speaker Series will feature Alan D.K. Armstrong delivering a talk titled ‘Seeing the Old with the New: The Advancing World of GIS, History, and Archaeology

The relationship between history and GIS has existed in various fashions for years, yet it has been in the last two decades where these conjoined fields have expanded exponentially. GIS has allowed old things to be seen in new ways from rediscovering lost settlements with remote sensing to recreating ancient cities in 3D design programs.

Coming from a background in history, heritage preservation, and museums, Alan transitioned into the field of GIS to continue what he started in those areas. As he neared the end of the geomatics program at Carleton University, he gained various geomatics, GIS, and remote sensing capabilities that he subsequently developed through multiple projects from Canada to Italy, all related to archaeology and history.

For his talk on this subject, Alan will be discussing some historical projects that he completed and continues to work on since transitioning into geomatics with a focus on 3D reconstructions of ancient cities and geostatistical analysis of pottery artifacts from an archaeological dig outside of Rome. Alan will conclude with leading into where and in what way history and GIS can continue to work together now, and into the future.

Make sure to RSVP to this event; the group will be meeting in the basement room of the James Street Pub.

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