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GoGeomatics Survey Training Program & the Price of Oil

Back in December, we told you all about a new survey training program we were developing to retrain GIS graduates for a lucrative career in the field of land surveying in western Canada. This program presented huge benefits for both graduates and industry, meeting the high demand for trained survey and drafting staff, and the difficulties that new graduates are having finding work. Working with industry and job seekers, we put together a plan of action to begin a training school for the summer and fall of this year. Unfortunately, there has been a dramatic turnaround on the price of oil since we began planning the survey school. When we began the project, the price of oil was hovering around $90 a barrel. Now, it’s below $50 and of course, something has had to give. oildown

After consulting with industry and our partners, we are going to delay the program, and take the time to retool it. The price of oil has affected hiring in the geomatics community out west just as it has affected it in other sectors of the economy. Companies have begun instituting hiring freezes and the demand is not what it once was. While industry is moving to what looks like a wait and see approach, job seekers are still eager. We received almost 200 applications for the survey school, all with university degrees and backgrounds in geomatics, in the very short space of one month. That says a lot about what skill sets and career paths GIS graduates are willing to take in an effort to get their careers moving forward.

We thank the many schools and survey businesses that contacted us to inquire and offered to work with us on the program. We will continue to work on this project, but we will be extending the timeline out to 2016.  Never fear, the price of oil will rise!

We have a large number of candidates who are eager to train in surveying. GoGeomatics is inviting schools with survey programs to work together on creating an intensive short term program for graduates who still want to enter into a career in surveying. As well, we would welcome hearing form the rest of the community about any ideas or proposals they might have in this area. There is an obvious thirst for the skills and expertise on the part of students, and when the price of oil rises again, on the part of industry for these types of employees.

We will keep you up to date on our progress.



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