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@GoGeomaticsPost – Twitter for Canadian Jobs & Events


Tweet tweet here we come..again! At GoGeomatics Canada, we love social media, and love to tweet to our followers. Of course you already follow our @GoGeomatics twitter to keep informed on all of our webmagazine article publications, upcoming events and interesting geomatics news. We are now proud to present @GoGeomaticsPost – the difference you ask? @GoGeomaticsPost will be used solely for posting Canadian jobs and events. All of the jobs and events from our homepage job board will be tweeted out once per week, until the expiry date. This is a fantastic reminder for when jobs expire, as the last post we do for them is a day or two before the expiry date on our job board. Never miss an event again, as you will be reminded of it on your Twitterfeed.

Viewing Jobs and Events from @GoGeomaticsPost Tweets:

GoGeomatics users are considered job seekers or employers who have an account with GoGeomatics Canada. If you have the ‘Keep me signed in’ checked (as seen below), then you can simply click the shortened URL that exists after the ‘GoGeomatics user click ______’ in the job tweet. This link will open a webpage that will display the job in detail via the GoGeomatics website.

@GoGeomaticsPostGoGeomatics Homepage

If you do not have a GoGeomatics account – you should get one! You can click on the shortened URL that exists after the ‘Not registered _____’ in the job tweet. This link will open a webpage that will display our GoGeomatics Canada homepage, with all of the job titles and corresponding cities. You must create an account to view the details of the job.

Viewing GoGeomatics Social Events from @GoGeomaticsPost Tweets:

To view our GoGeomatics monthly socials held in Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Halifax and Niagara, we provide two shortened URL’s for you to choose from our tweet. The first is a shortened URL to our Meetup groups, where you can join as an attendee to our next social in the corresponding city. The second is a link to the corresponding city’s group page on our website, where you will find information about upcoming socials, as well as webmagazine articles related to that city.


#GeomaticsEvents #GeomaticsJobs

We have created the #GeomaticsEvents and #GeomaticsJobs hash tags for our followers to conveniently search for either related jobs, or events if you do not wish to view both. These hash tags are to group the jobs together, and group the events together. We hope that one day these will catch on and become universal in our industry!

Below you can see a snapshot of tweets that @GoGeomaticsPost has tweeted out recently.


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