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Half Day Workshop: Learn GIS Project Management, Dec 2nd

It is one thing pushing buttons to create a map, and a very different ballgame planning and managing work at the enterprise level with proficiency. It takes a very different skill set to oversee multiple projects successfully, making sure that their work is broken down while synergizing with each other to achieve optimum results in terms of the quality, time and cost of deliverables based on set goals. Typically these skills are not taught in colleges and universities, especially with respect to GIS. Few people have mastered this subject themselves and teach this exclusive material with a passion and 40 years expertise like Peter Croswell.

GIS Project Management Practices – a half day workshop on GIS project management best practices by Peter Croswell being offered on December 2nd 2021.

An Expert with 40 Years of Practice Under His Belt

As President and Lead Consultant of Croswell-Schulte IT Consultants, Peter is an expert in GIS management. Before starting his own consultancy, he was a consultant and company officer with PlanGraphics, Inc. where he worked as an analyst and manager in charge of the Kentucky Natural Resources Information System. As a consultant, he has provided support in GIS and IT planning and implementation to hundreds of public sector agencies, utility organizations, and private companies in the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East, and China.

Author Peter Croswell

GIS Project Management Training, Dec 2nd 2021

Through GeoTech Training, Peter is offering a half-day workshop that practically gets to the meat of the subject to present distilled techniques for successful GIS project planning and management. GIS/project managers, as well as various stakeholders in all types of GIS projects will be equipped with important tasks, methods, and tools to launch and execute successful projects. They will learn to deliver outcomes on time and within budget, providing valuable results to the customers and the user community.

Experienced project managers will be exposed to techniques which will confirm their professional practice as well as some novel concepts and methodologies to experiment with, while those aspiring to become project managers or new in their PM roles, will reap the most from the best industry practice.

Learning from a Master

Peter received a Bachelors’ degree in Geography and Mathematics from the State University of New York at Albany. graduating Magna Cum Laude and Masters’ degree in Geography and Geology from Western Illinois University. He has had extensive post-graduate education and training in GIS, IT, and public administration. Peter is certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP), ASPRS Certified Mapping Scientist, and GIS Professional (GISP). He is a former Board member and President of URISA, is a current member of URISA’s GIS Management Institute (GMI) and the principal author/ instructor for URISA’s GIS Program Management Workshop. He is also the author of the GIS Management Handbook (2009) as well as many other papers and publications on a range of GIS topics.

Take Advantage

If you ever wished to learn elusive tried and tested techniques in GIS project management from a true expert, this is your chance. Learn topics such as making a business case for a GIS project, coordinating work among projects, defining the scope, planning the work, resource management, tracking progress, communication, procurement, QA/QC and closure. To learn more, check out the course details.

GIS Project Management Practices – a half day workshop on GIS project management best practices by Peter Croswell.

The course may not be offered anywhere within the next 6 months. Act now. Register for this popular course here.

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