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How GoGeomatic Back to School Socials Make A Difference

The GoGeomatics Back to School Socials (BTSS) are at the core of our organization and the driving force behind our goal to build a bigger, better, and stronger geomatics community in Canada.  With the help of our sponsors in communities across Canada our 15 groups are making connections and empowering our sector.

GoGeomatics Calgary Back to School Social, 2017

Below read the letter  we received after the 2017 BTSS from Michael Zacher, a graduate of SAIT’S Geomatics Engineering Technology program, where he talks about his experiences in the GoGeomatics Calgary social. Michael’s story is a great example of where the GoGeomatics socials can lead.


Good day everyone!

My name is Michael Zacher and I would like to share an experience with you all.

I am a recent graduate of SAIT in the Geomatics Engineering Technology program. […] While taking a break from seeking immediate employment within my field of study to spend time with my family over the summer, I found myself losing touch with classmates, colleagues, instructors and friends.

As luck would have it, I was contacted by a couple of my classmates shortly after summer, to attend a GoGeomatics Back to School Social Event. These events are […] arranged to create an atmosphere that although professional, is definitely more of a comfortable setting. This allows new graduates as well as many who have been working in industry to meet and mingle [and] strike up conversations about new technologies, job seeking or even who won last night’s hockey game.

I was extremely fortunate to be introduced to the vice president and a manager from one of the sponsor companies. Through some casual conversation about career goals and interests […] and some inquiries about the company I in turn asked of them, I received a follow up contact the next day. I had gone in to the office for a brief interview and accepted an offer of employment by that same evening!

I believe that the setting and platform that GoGeomatics had created that evening, allowed me to communicate effectively and comfortably, resulting in my newfound employment.  I have also been maintaining contact with classmates and others met that evening through various media, which stands to only strengthen my networking and career pursuits.

I encourage anyone seeking employment, looking to further their career, or simply wanting to discuss new and current technologies within their industry to make the effort to attend as many of these networking events as possible. I wish to thank GoGeomatics for hosting these events and providing opportunities for everyone to bolster their own personal and professional networks!

Sincerest thanks,

Michael Zacher

GoGeomatics Calgary Back to School Social, 2017

Thank you, Michael!

Whether you are a new graduate who fears losing touch with the geospatial community after leaving your program, a professional ready for a career change seeking to network, or just a member of a geomatics association eager to meet more folks with similar interests, you can visit our GoGeomatics Meetups page to find out if there is a social in your city—or, if there is no social established, start your own! By starting a new GoGeomatics social you will be taking on a project that shows your leadership, organizational, and interpersonal skills on a resume, and also making the space where you will meet your future friends, colleagues, and employers.

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