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Industry Minister Moore announces support for new space technologies that will provide crucial information about the Earth

Montreal, Quebec – Canadian Space Agency

Industry Minister James Moore announced support for the development of new Earth Observation (EO) products that will provide crucial data to better understand our planet and manage our resources.

The investment of close to $6.7 million will position Canadian industry to create innovative systems, products and services that will optimize the use of data from Canadian Space Agency-supported Earth Observation missions, in particular RADARSAT-2. RADARSAT-2 provides the radar imaging needed for managing natural resources and monitoring the environment in the 21st century.

The new technologies developed will enhance radar data from EO satellites to more accurately monitor Canada’s natural environment to help keep Canadians safe and grow the economy. This information will be used to:

  • help the agricultural industry monitor crops and forecast yields;
  • help map Canada’s wetlands, study river ice;
  • help monitor Canada’s forest inventory;
  • monitor pipelines and oil and gas transportation;
  • monitor natural disasters such as floods and landslides.

This initiative is aligned with Canada’s Space Policy Framework and supports three of its core principles:

“Canadian Interests First”

New applications will be developed to make effective use of the EO data, providing valuable information to address Canada’s needs, such as managing natural resources and monitoring natural disasters.

“Excellence in Key Capabilities” and “Positioning the Private Sector at the Forefront of Space Activities”

The research and development (R&D) conducted will increase the level of expertise and competitiveness in proven competencies such as remote sensing.

Quick facts

  • The CSA has awarded contracts to 12 Canadian companies:MDA Systems, 3vGeomatics, MDA Geospatial Surveillance and Intelligence (GSI), ASL Environmental Sciences, Array Systems Computing, Kepler Space Inc., Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), AECOM, GHGSat, PCI Geomatics, Effigis Geo Solutions and C-CORE.
  • By observing the Earth from space, EO satellites like RADARSAT-2 provide essential information on ocean, ice, land environments, and the atmosphere. Providing regular and reliable information to its users, RADARSAT-2 operates 24/7, regardless of weather conditions.
  • Industries benefiting from EO data include agriculture, mining, oil and gas extraction, transportation, insurance companies, and more.
  • The contracts were awarded following a Request for Proposals (RFP) in February 2014. The RFP was issued by the CSA‘s Earth Observation Applications Development Program.


“Canada has a proud history in space and has long been a leader in the important and growing field of Earth observation. The investments announced today will help provide important information so we can better understand our planet while creating jobs and contributing to the growth of Canada’s reputable space industry.”

James Moore, Minister of Industry

“There is great value in the data we receive from space, and the Canadian Government is committed to positioning the private sector to create innovative new products and services that optimize satellite Earth Observation data in a way that grows our economy and makes a difference in the lives of Canadians.”

General (ret) Walter Natynczyk, President, Canadian Space Agency

“The CSA‘s Earth Observation Application Development Program (EOADP) is helping develop state-of-the-art technological solutions that better meet the needs of our clients and that give Effigis a clear competitive edge in all of our markets, particularly on the international stage.”

Pierre Vincent, Executive Vice President, Effigis GeoSolutions



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