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ING Robotic Aviation Wins Outstanding Technology Company Award From IEEE Ottawa Chapter

ING Robotic Aviation, Canada’s leader in robotic aircraft airborne sensing solutions (headquartered in Ottawa, Canada), is pleased to announce that the company is the 2014 winner of the Outstanding Aerospace, Defence & Security Technology Company Recognition Award. This prestigious award is given by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Ottawa Chapter and was presented to the company by the professional association at its 70th Annual General Meeting banquet at the Ottawa Convention Centre.

“I am very pleased to congratulate ING Robotic Aviation for winning this very well deserved award for innovation,” said Bernadette Terry, Senior Business Development Manager for Defence & Security at Invest Ottawa. “This company is a ground-breaking, global robotic aviation provider.”

Since 2011, ING Robotic Aviation has developed robotic aircraft solutions that deliver innovative products to help clients get the right information, in the right hands, at the right time. To date, the company has designed and developed two advanced robotic aircraft systems. The first, Responder, is a small rotary wing aircraft system that provides 40 minutes of flight time with a range of over 10 km. As one of the most robust systems in the market, Responder can fly in winds up to 60 km/h, gusting to 90 km/h, unlike any other in its class. The Serenity, a larger fixed wing system with an 8 hour endurance is a long range surveillance and remote sensing system.

“We are honoured to have received this award for our commitment to innovation in delivering airborne sensing solutions,” states ING Robotic Aviation’s owner and CEO, Mr. Ian Glenn. “We are truly reinventing aviation.”

Today, ING Robotic Aviation delivers mapping, inspection and monitoring solutions throughout North America and internationally. Within Canada the company’s technology is used to provide detailed UAV aerial data for clients like Agriculture Canada, Environment Canada, Irving Oil, National Optics Institute, and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI). Internationally, ING Robotic Aviation’s systems are used by governments and other organizations in both Chile and Kenya.

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