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Introducing New GoGeomatics Online Community Managers : Nick, Jacob and Leo

GoGeomatics Canada is excited to introduce our new volunteer managers to the team this March. Our community managers are the ones writing the stories and organizing the content behind the scenes. The community managers have a weekly online meeting to discuss and debate what the important news and information we should share with the community.

We are pleased to welcome our new members, Nick, Jake and Leo, joining our team.

Nick O’Hanely graduated from Fleming College with an Application Specialization in Geographical Information System, and from Niagara College with a Postgraduate Certification in Ecological Restoration. He has 2 years of GIS experience with the non-profit and fish ecology field, and also the municipal traffic systems. GIS is an effective tool to assist Nick when he is developing conservation ideas to solve various environmental problems. Nick enjoys reading, snowboarding and making music.

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Jacob Maclean holds a graduate certificate in GIS from Algonquin College and an Honors Bachelor of Science in Earth Science from Carleton University. Jacob is working with Statistics Canada now. He is passionate about using geospatial technology for social benefit, environmental mangement, and ecosystem protection. Jacob enjoys reading, running, camping, and golfing in his spare time.

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Leo Poon graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with the Master’s Degree in Geomatics, and from the University of Toronto with the Bachelor of Art degree in Geography. He worked in the land surveying field for 2 years and in the GIS field for another 2 years. Leo is recently flying drone to update land cover information and land status for urban redevelopment purposes in Hong Kong. He enjoys cycling and photography in his spare time.

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Please say hello and connect with them to receive updates about the geospatial industry.

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