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Field GIS and Survey Technician

Surerus Murphy Joint Venture

  • Posted on: November 20, 2020

The Field GIS and Survey Technician are responsible for data collection in the field and GIS, cartography, database management, and spatial analysis.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES                                                                         

  • Access Clearing Grade Reclamation (ACGR) Development including field recon.
  • Provide field survey support for recording field features such as Heavywall Pipe and Bore positions, Hydrovac details, etc.
  • Provide simple CAD support for projects including converting GIS to CAD data.
  • Develop and undertake an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle survey works to provide high-resolution imagery and topographical data packages for current and upcoming projects.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of GIS data resources to be utilized for public access to geographic data.
  • Assist with data gathering and compilation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS, mapping, and data analysis.
  • Perform varied data gathering and entry to create, maintain, display, and update GIS databases, coverages, and linkages to various GIS databases.
  • Manage geotagged photos to record records of conditions.
  • Produce accurate maps and other representations of data for public use and fieldwork activity.
  • Go out in the field to visually locate items to resolve conflicting information and ensure the accuracy of data.
  • Record and document details of map updates, additions, and/or deletions.

Note: In addition to these duties personnel is required to carry out such other duties as may be reasonably required in order to support the objectives of the company.


  • 2-year diploma in geomatics engineering technology or a related field.


  • 2 – 4 years of experience in a similar role.
  • Must include field experience, preferably on large scale industrial construct sites.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Strong GIS skills with two or more GIS packages (AutoCAD / ARCGis).
  • Understanding of math and statistical analysis.
  • Knowledge of cartography and geography.
  • Basic understanding of the concepts behind data management in a relational database.
  • Ability to think analytically and solve problems.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

This position is field-based and often works within remote project locations.

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