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GoGeomatics Online Community Manager

GoGeomatics Inc.

  • Posted on: November 12, 2020

GoGeomatics is the most popular and dynamic hub for geospatial articles, news, events, jobs, and networking in Canada.  Do you have 4-5 hours each month to contribute?

Community Manager positions are open to everyone interested in sharing ideas and passion for all things geospatial as they build and enhance their careers. GoGeomatics volunteers are leaders in the community.

We are looking for new team members to join our volunteer group of online managers.  GoGeomatics is over 4,500+ subscribers strong, making us the largest communications hub in our industry.

Online Community Manager activities:

We use online tools to collaborate and manage our activities.  As a manager you work at your own pace on your own schedule to produce articles and geospatial stories that interest you.

Many of our editors and former writers have built on their experience working with us to enhance or jump-start their careers. For new graduates and young professionals it’s a great way to show the community you know your stuff and are passionate about your chosen profession. For seasoned professionals it’s a great way to raise your profile in the sector and increase your chances of being recognized.

Have a look at some of our diverse volunteer community managers and the work they are doing.

Profiles 1  & Profiles 2

The Commitment:

You should have at least 4-5 hours a month to spare. We anticipate that your level of engagement will vary due to individual circumstances; be reassured that our work ethic is flexible and responsive to your situation!

You must have strong English language skills, as you will need to assist in editing material for  publication.

The Process:

Email your resume and cover letter expressing why you are interested in volunteering to info@gogeomatics.ca

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