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GoGeomatics Volunteer Editors/Writers


  • Posted on: August 29, 2018

The Editors and Writers group is the beating heart of our magazine. With over 1,000 published articles we are the largest and most popular community platform for news and events in our sector. The Editors and Writers group keeps the interesting geospatial stories and content flowing on the site. With anywhere from 15-25 members at any given time, the group writes and edits articles of their choosing on diverse topics. The group meets virtually once a month for around an hour.

Applicants should have:

  • At least 3-4 hours a month to spare and be able to commit to the role for at least 3 months (hopefully longer).
  • Strong English language skills

Many of our editors and former writers have built on their experience working with us to enhance or jump-start their careers. For new graduates and young professionals, it’s a great way to show the community you know your stuff and are passionate about your chosen profession. For seasoned professionals, it’s a great way to raise your profile in the sector and increase your chances of being recognized.

Everything is decentralized and we use online tools to collaborate and manage our activities.  As an editor, you work at your own pace on your schedule to produce articles and geospatial stories that interest you.

Contact us to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.

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