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Group Leader Fredericton GoGeomatics


  • Posted on: August 28, 2018

Social Group Leaders organize, promote, and lead the GoGeomatics socials in cities across Canada. GoGeomatics offers the largest and most popular set of geospatial networking events in Canada. With the help of our group leaders, we provide places for geospatial professionals across the country to network with their peers in a fun social environment.

GoGeomatics Fredericton, 2018

There are now 15 GoGeomatics Social groups in Canada. Fredericton is looking for a new member of the leadership team. You could be a student, new graduate or seasoned geospatial professional. Leaders come from all walks of life.

Visit the Fredericton Meetup page here.

GoGeomatics Group leaders are enthusiastic, have a passion for geomatics, and love meeting new people. Under the management of GoGeomatics, group leaders are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Attending the social each month
  • Making participants feel welcome
  • Socializing and creating a positive environment
  • Finding suitable venues and making reservations
  • Developing a positive relationship with the venue (Pub or location)
  • Promoting their group when they use social media
  • Managing the Meetup Page for the group and announcing socials
  • Taking care of sponsors when applicable; printing and distributing table cards
  • Introducing guest speakers when applicable, and helping to set up their presentations

The commitment is about 4-5 hours per month. Most of that spent networking at the social.

As much as possible, our group leaders work in teams of two or more to help share the responsibilities. If you know someone who is interested in joining your Social team as a group leader, let us know! The more help, the better.

The Benefits of Being a Group Leader

Being a Group Leader can bring both personal and professional rewards. You’ll gain leadership skills and volunteer experience that will make your resume stand apart from the crowd. As well, you’ll benefit from all the networking opportunities. GoGeomatics Socials are often visited by managers and even recruiters from some of the top geomatics companies and organizations in Canada; some of our previous group leaders have landed jobs as a direct result of GoGeomatics Socials. Companies like to hire leaders. Are you a leader?

Send a resume and cover letter explaining why you think you would be a great group leader to Jonathan Murphy, the founder of GoGeomatics Canada.

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