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Senior GIS Specialist


  • Posted on: January 10, 2019
Precision is key when it comes to the work you do!
When it comes to the details, you innately can see where, why, how and what needs to be tweaked in order to achieve the best end goal. Your colleagues approve work but you see an overlooked area. It jumps out to you because of your finely tuned observational skills and highly developed attention to detail. Accuracy and precision define your work ethic. And you don’t stop until the piece of the puzzle is in its right place. Your colleagues know that all of the puzzle pieces you work on will always fit smoothly into their necessary spot. They don’t question the work you do because they know it will be correct and on point. Our organization is successful because of the skills you uniquely bring to the job. We need you. If you would like to apply your skills in an environment that will celebrate you, let’s talk.
  • Data Management including preservation and back up of native files; data manipulations; conversions; and documentation of processes used to produce new data sets and final client deliverables
  • Generates required Metadata files for GIS layers produced using current specification(s)
  • Utilizes spatial database models to organize and compile data on a project by project basis
  • Data Collection / Surveying – experience working in the field is desirable. Understands basic survey techniques, principles related to horizontal & vertical control, map projections, datums. Compiles field data based on project needs and specifications.
  • GIS – advanced knowledge and technical skills required including ESRI platform – desktop, mobile, web, server products
  • Analytics including spatial modeling, trend analysis, topology & geometric integrity for network analysis
  • Application development including mobile forms, scripting and cartography
  • Provides technical support / training for GIS applications, software, hardware platforms & GPS equipment used for office and field work. 

Have you worked at a job where you were forced to make up the rules at every turn? Give up the maze – you don’t have to figure it out on your own. Use your talent to produce and we will show you how to do it.  If this sounds like you, you have: 

  • 8+ years’ experience working as a GIS Specialist preferably in an engineer consulting firm
  • Strong experience working with local transportation and environmental programs
  • Expertise using  GIS – ESRI desktop, mobile app’s, ArcGIS Online
  • Database / Spreadsheet expertise using MS Products: SQL Server, Access, Excel
  • Strong CAD experience with Autodesk and/or Bentley platforms would be desirable
  • Strong project management experience with understanding of project management principles related to deliverables, schedule, budget, client relationships
  • Communication / Interpersonal Skills with the ability to communicate clearly with co-workers and present to clients. Technical writing skills are required to produce documentation and contribute to client reports.

Parsons has been a leader, innovator, and change agent for 75 years. Over this period, our industry has undergone continual change and we have been, and continue to be, proactive in taking advantage of the opportunities presented by change. The pace of adaptation of transformational technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, and big data analytics in our markets offers Parsons exciting opportunities to solve complex challenges for our customers in new and different ways.

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