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Join us at Ottawa U April 19th for our Debate & Discussion: Proposed National Geomatics Strategy

GoGeomatics Canada and the Canadian Remote Sensing Society (CRSS) have joined forces to  host an afternoon of debate and discussion regarding the new national geomatics strategy.  The University of Ottawa is providing the space for this important get-together of stakeholders in the Ottawa geospatial community.CRSS-SCT REMOTE SENSING LOGO_sm

Who should come to this event?  Professionals, executives, new grads, citizens, students, entrepreneurs, government employees.  We are welcoming everyone to this free and open discussion on the proposed national geomatics strategy.

We will start with a brief introductions as well as some of the strategy and issues. Then we will break out into groups and debate the issues.  This feedback will be written up and then given to the Canadian Geomatics Community Round Table (CGCRT) as part of the ongoing national development of our new strategy.

Location: University of Ottawa, Room 039, the basement of Simard Hall, faculty of Arts, 60 University, K1N 6N5.GoGeomatics Canada

Time: 1pm – 3pm April 19th

The nearest visitor parking lot to our building is Lot K. Please see this map:


Read up before the event!

Though not necessary for the discussion and feedback, it would be helpful if participants read some of the materials provided by the CGCRT.  Here are a few good places to start:

The National Strategy

Vision & Mission

Education & Job Force

Data Sources

Governance & Leadership

Over the past few months, there has been some interesting online debates in the Canadian geomatics community, which you should also have a look at:

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