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Join us for Coast to Coast “Back to School” 2016 GoGeomatics Canada Socials

GoGeomatics Canada is kicking off the new school year this September, and welcoming everyone to our Canada-Wide Back to School Socials. We encourage new and returning students to come out to this, our third Annual series of free events, and enjoy a much-needed study-break. Mingle with students from other programs, industry professionals, and managers. The

Canadian geomatics community is close-knit, and these socials are a great way to build up contacts for co-op placements, internships, and jobs.

The Canadian Geomatics Community is growing!  We Now have 11 GoGeomatics Canada Groups!  Let us know if you want to start a group in your community.

Not a student? That’s okay, you’re invited too! Come out, meet some students and help welcome them into the industry. We would love to see people from all areas of geomatics like GIS, remote sensing, and surveying at this free community event.

Like free stuff? So do we! You’ll enjoy free snacks like wings and nachos at this event, and you’ll even have the opportunity to win some prizes, including t-shirts, geospatial books, and more. GoGeomatics Canada

This event marks the third annual GoGeomatics Back to School Socials.  It’s the start of a brand new season for monthly GoGeomatics socials across Canada with the help of our Gold level sponsors, Esri Canada, the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA), and the Canadian Institute of Geomatics (CIG).  We also want to thank our Silver city level sponsors who are supporting the socials in their communities.  They are Digital Globe, the Langara Open GIS program, Stantec, Selkirk College, Brandt, McElhanney, GM Blue Plan, Lim Geomatics, G-Locate, Kim Geomatics, and our media sponsor the Canadian GIS & Geomatics Website.

Across Canada, we are expecting approximately 300 to 400 geomatics folks coming together from coast to coast, in 11 communities: Vancouver, Nelson, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Niagara, Peterborough, Kingston, Ottawa, and Halifax.

Sponsorship Opportunities Still Available Contact GoGeomatics

If you’re thinking of coming, please send your RSVP to by using our Meetup Group Links below.

Take a look at the dates and locations for our Back to School Socials, and mark your calendar! Also you can write to us at (info@gogeomatics.ca) and get on the monthly reminder list and newsletter for that city.


Date, Time


Meetup Group

 GoGeomatics Group Leaders


Sept 21, 6:30PM

The Lennox Pub

 RSVP here Shannon Cox
David Solari
John Cristiani

Nelson, BC

Sept 22, 6:30PM

Lionshead Pub

 RSVP here Chloe Denny
Ian Parfitt

Kelowna, BC

Sept 22, 6PM

Mission Tap House

 RSVP here Dianne Gray
Jason MacEachern


Sept 21, 6PM

Bank & Baron

 RSVP here Aubrey Downey
Maria Meier


Sept 22, 6PM

The Metro

 RSVP here Jihyun Seo
Lisa Jen


Sept 15, 7PM

Betty’s On King (Upstairs)

 RSVP here Susie Saliola
Catherine Ennis


Sept 20, 6:30PM

One Eighty Hunter Street Pub

RSVP here Rachel Kuzmich
Danah Ashcroft


Sept 21, 6:30PM

Kingston Brew Pub

RSVP here Tristan Forward
Mike See


Sept 29, 7PM

James Street Pub

 RSVP here Jonathan Murphy
Carina Saab


Sept 24, 6:30PM

Fresco’s Restaurant & Bar

 RSVP here Darren Platakis
Neal Pilger


 Sept 23, 7:30PM

Your Father’s Moustache

 RSVP here Jackie Woodruff
Ted Mackinnon

GoGeomatics Canada Thanks our sponsors who are not only supporters of the geomatics community but “Leaders” of the Canadian geomatics community.  Please visit their websites.

Gold Level Sponsors:

Esri Canada


CIG logo

Silver Level Sponsors:








limgeomatics_logokim logo_final



Media Sponsor:


5 comments on "Join us for Coast to Coast “Back to School” 2016 GoGeomatics Canada Socials"

  1. Ryan Brazeal says:


    I would be interested in starting up a southern Saskatchewan group of GoGeomatics Canada. I am currently the Geomatics Technology Manager at Caltech Surveys and was formerly an instructor and later program head of the geomatics and surveying engineering technology program at SIAST/SaskPolytech. I have industry and student ties here within Saskatchewan and very welcome the opportunity to give back to geomatics in Saskatchewan.

    Please let me know if there is any interest in this endeavour and if so how to proceed.



  2. Adam Fox says:

    If any page on the GoGeomatics site deserves a story map of all the venues for your “Back to School” sessions – it’s this one ! : )

    1. Jon Murphy says:

      Sounds like a very good idea. Perhaps one of the GIS students or a new grad would like to put it together. A great way to learn if someone has not used Story maps before.

      1. Adam Fox says:

        If any of your students are interested, they can get in touch with me and we could help them with this little project. I think it would be a great addition to the site…. but I’m a little biased.

  3. Simone says:

    And how about Montreal? Any meetup here?

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