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Kelowna Jan 30th: An Evening with GIS Hackathon Champion Mark Laudon

Organized by: GoGeomatics Kelowna Meetup Group
Date: January 30th
Venue: Okanagan Regional Library, 1380 Ellis St. (Meeting Room 2 – Upstairs)
Time: 5:30 PM Presentation | 6:45 PM Social at BNA Brewing
Cost: Free!

Join the GoGeomatics Kelowna Meetup Group for an enlightening and engaging evening with GIS hackathon expert, Mark Laudon. This free event, scheduled for January 30th, is a perfect opportunity for anyone interested in the dynamic world of geomatics, particularly GIS hackathons.

Event Highlights:

  1. Presentation by Mark Laudon (5:30 PM)
    • Location: Meeting Room 2, upstairs at the Okanagan Regional Library, 1380 Ellis St.
    • About the Talk: Mark will share his vast experience in GIS hackathons, having won over 10 of these challenging competitions. He’ll delve into the strategies, tools, and innovative thinking that led to his success.
  2. Showcase of Cutting-Edge GIS Applications
    • Get a firsthand look at some of the coolest apps developed by Mark, which leverage the power of GIS technology and open data.
  3. Deep Dive into the World of Open Data
    • Discover the crucial role of open data in supporting advanced GIS applications and how it’s transforming the geospatial landscape.
  4. Networking and Socializing at BNA Brewing (6:45 PM)
    • Address: 1250 Ellis St (Reservation under Dianne)
    • The conversation continues at BNA Brewing. It’s a great chance to network with students, professionals, and academics over delicious food and drinks in a relaxed setting.

Who Should Join?
This event is ideal for students, professionals, academics, and anyone with an interest in GIS, surveying, remote sensing, photogrammetry, CAD, and related fields. It’s a fantastic platform for learning, networking, and sharing experiences in geomatics.

Why Attend?

  • Insights from a GIS Pro: Learn valuable lessons from a renowned hackathon champion.
  • Networking Opportunity: Connect with the geomatics community in Kelowna and beyond.
  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest trends and developments in geomatics.
  • Enjoy a Free Evening Out: Combine learning and leisure at this free event.

Mark your calendars for January 30th and prepare for an evening full of learning, networking, and fun. This event, brought to you by the GoGeomatics Kelowna Meetup Group, promises to be both informative and enjoyable.

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