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Key Canadian Thought Leader Discusses Positive Geospatial Disruption in Government

Longtime followers of GoGeomatics recognize Will Cadell’s name. We’ve interviewed him here at GoGeomatics, he’s the lead consultant at Sparkgeo, and he has been helping start-ups, large enterprises, and non-profits across North America make the most of location and the strategic application of geospatial technology. He is the Chair of Innovation Central Society, a non-profit focused on supporting technology entrepreneurs in Northern British Columbia by providing business programming and co-working space.

He is also an Advisory Committee member and a featured speaker at GeoIgnite 2019. 

In his article in Forbes Magazine Will talks government: its critical role in the geospatial community, and the notoriously slow speed at which they implement changes in technology. The longer a business exists, the more likely the government will be to take them seriously–but that’s cold comfort to startups trying to get past the wall of middle management, where disruptive technology slows to a crawl. How can geospatial technologists provide better services to government sectors? Will gives three ideas:

  • Lower the risks for middle management
  • Focus discussions on the experience of your team
  • Stay in the private sector

In order to competently sell products to government, it’s best to try and empathize with the customer; by understanding the way evolving geospatial in government will affect the middle management layer, Will says that “selling geospatial technology to the government sector could be much easier.”

If you would like to hear more from Will Cadell, you should consider attending his talk at GeoIgnite 2019, our national geospatial event!

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