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Land Survey Project Management Software: Cyanic Job Book

Land Surveying Management Software

Land Surveying Management Software

The GoGeomatics workshop on November 7, 2023, led by industry veteran and Cyanic Automation founder Doug Kondor, offered insights into project management specifically tailored for the surveying and geospatial industry. The workshop, titled “Do You Know If You Are Making or Losing Money on a Job?,” attracted professionals eager to tackle the critical issue of profitability in their projects.

Background and Expertise

Doug Kondor, a University of Alberta Computing Science graduate, brought a refreshing blend of technical expertise and practical experience. His journey from working on software automation for major companies such as Shell and BP, to starting his own service company, and eventually co-founding Cyanic Automation, set the stage for a deep understanding of the business challenges in surveying.

Workshop Dynamics

The workshop was interactive, encouraging participants to share their backgrounds and the challenges they faced in their roles. This approach fostered an environment where shared experiences and insights became learning opportunities for everyone involved.

Core Concept: The Essence of Business

Doug emphasized the fundamental purpose of business – to make a profit. He noted a common pitfall where businesses confuse high levels of activity with profitability, stressing the importance of understanding job costing as it relates to profitability.

Addressing Common Project Management Challenges

The class had discussions revolved around common problems in project management:

Estimation Errors: Difficulty in making accurate job estimates and leveraging previous experiences in similar projects.

Billing and Time Management Issues: Challenges in tracking time and materials, ensuring billable items are accounted for, and handling customer inquiries about job statuses.

Staff Utilization and Accountability: Identifying the most effective employees, understanding individual contributions to profitability, and ensuring balanced workloads.

Administrative Efficiency: Tackling issues related to late invoicing, time- consuming administrative processes, and weekend workloads for staff.

Introducing a Tailored Solution: Cyanic Job Book

The centerpiece of the workshop was the demonstration of Job Book,  a  project management and job database software designed for surveying and geospatial companies. Through various screenshots, Doug showcased how the software addresses key business challenges in real-time.

Features Showcased:

Active Job Dashboard: This high-level view allows managers to see job statuses and deep-dive into specific projects to understand where they may be going off-

Charge Out Rate and Summary Reports: These reports compare timesheets with invoices and provide a line-item view of jobs, helping in understanding overruns and aiding in better future estimates.

Utilization Report: A crucial tool for understanding staff workload and effective rate, thereby aiding in optimizing staff utilization and profitability.

Job Map: A geospatial representation of jobs, facilitating easy identification of historical and current projects in specific areas.

Emphasizing Best Practices

Throughout the workshop, Mr. Kondor stressed best practices like timely approval of timesheets, efficient invoice generation, and accurate utilization tracking. These practices, he argued, are vital for maintaining profitability and operational efficiency.

Additional Resources

The workshop concluded with an invitation to demo the Job Book system and mention of additional resources, including podcasts and various online communities focused on the business aspects of land surveying, namely:

The Business of Land Surveying: a newsletter for open-minded owners, operators and managers to learn more about business topics related to land surveying.

Final Thoughts

The workshop was an eye-opener for many attendees, offering not just a glimpse into a specialized software solution but also fostering a community of learning among professionals facing similar business challenges in the land surveying industry.

Link to Workshop Recording

If you would like to view the workshop it can be found at the Cyanic Automation YouTube channel


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