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LIDARCOMEX & SUMSF: two major new events you should not miss for LIDAR & Underground Mapping

GoGeomatics is presenting two major new online events coming up fast in 2022.

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SUMSF: The Virtual Subsurface Utility Mapping Strategy Forum

Following the success of the Canadian Underground Forum, is SUMSF, the Subsurface Utility Mapping Strategy Forum (SUMSF) on Mar 22-23, 2022. This is a virtual conference intended to bring together individuals and organizations who wish to share information about and contribute to improving the mapping
of underground infrastructure.

We are onboarding speakers, sponsors, and workshops

The SUMSF conference is open to individuals and organizations who wish to contribute to progress in underground utility mapping. Presentations will focus on innovative strategies involving subsurface digital
twins; legislation, regulation, business best practices, new technologies, training and education for
improving mapping of underground utilities.

The Lidar Commercial Expo 2022

Lidar COMEX is a joint effort between two of the most popular and influential 3D geospatial media organisations in North America.

Lidar News and GoGeomatics Canada have partnered to pool resources and audiences to create a new and unique B2B sales opportunity. The Lidar Commercial Expo 2022 is being offered by Lidar News and GoGeomatics Canada.

This is a completely virtual B2B event matching reality capture lidar vendors with practicing 3D professionals from North America and beyond.

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