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Locusview Discusses the Importance of Optimizing Processes with Digital Management Tools

Having a digital mobile workflow will help utilities as the infrastructure construction sector is booming globally. 

Optimizing the asset booking process with digital construction management tools was the topic of the SUMSF, March 22, 2022, live stream presentation by Danny Petrecca, Vice President of Business Development at Locusview, and Robert Schultz, Electric Utility Industry Specialist at Locusview.

Both Petrecca and Schultz dove into the presentation, introducing Locusview, the current utility construction landscape, business values, and what they called, “Legacy vs Digital” workflows. They had wanted to talk about EPRI research but didn’t have time. 

Danny Petrecca, Vice President of Business Development at Locusview

The mission of Locusview is to provide a digital construction management platform that can be used by all stakeholders. The mission is to manage a complete construction process from beginning to end.

Participants were then entertained by an informative video further discussing the mission, and full of facts and statistics. The Locusview company believes in “operational excellence at all stages of construction.” Locusview strives to make complex workflows easy and simple, so construction crews and specialists alike can use them. By making the system this way, costs and risks are decreased, and CapEx efficiency is improved. It’s an “end to end” solution leading to a sustainable future.

Robert Schultz, Electric Utility Industry Specialist at Locusview.

The discussion continued with how the digital construction management platform digitalizes the entire workflow and reduces close-out time beneficial to both traditional and forgotten stakeholders. Solutions to issues were also discussed, and why utilities need to have digital mobile workflow for construction. There are many benefits and values.

Petrecca and Schultz answered questions during a Q and A section of their presentation.

A deep, heartfelt thank you goes out to Locusview for being a Gold Sponsor of SUMSF 2022. 

You can watch the entire interesting presentation and question period on YouTube below.