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London Ontario: New GoGeomatics Group Inaugural Social Oct 25th

I’m excited to introduce a new GoGeomatics group to the Canadian geomatics community.  Our newest Group is the London GoGeomatics Networking Group in Ontario. A great group of students in at Western reached out to us to get the ball rolling.  So without further fanfare I’ll like to introduce: Hongyu Zhang, Peter Crawford, Jenny Tania Tjhin, Chunhua Liao, and Armin Ahmadi.

Hongyu has a message for the Canadian geomatics community:

Hongyu Zhang: I and a group of students at Western University hope to create opportunities for ourselves and others whereby we can connect geomatics students with working professionals to learn more about trending topics in the field. aerial-of-campus-in-fall

GoGeomatics is an awesome career-related website that many of us have been following for years. However, many of us never had a chance to attend any of the GoGeomatics socials since a local group did not exist in London, Ontario. I and others wanted to take some steps forward in our community and contacted other graduate students in the Geography Department.

Our efforts were rewarded as fellow students showed interests in working on this GIS social group together. So here we are.  We hope that after the first social, other working professionals will join us to promote future gatherings and form the leadership of GoGeomatics London Networking Group.

Please join London’s first GoGeomatics social on Tuesday, October 25 from 6 to 9 pm at Milos’ Craft Beer Emporium on 420 Talbot St. of London, ON.

The event will be hosted by Peter, Jenny, Armin, Chunhua and me. We hope to bring the local GIS community together for a fun evening of food, drinks and networking. See you there!

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