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Mapbox and Sparkgeo Announce Web Map Analytics Integration

Mapbox and Sparkgeo today announced a new integration of Sparkgeo’s web map analytics technology, Maptiks, with Mapbox GL web maps. This integration provides developers building with Mapbox GL access to Maptik’s robust map analytics, to provide insight into how their geospatial efforts are performing in the real world. 

Maptiks integrates directly with map libraries and enables admins to anonymously log visitor interactions (such as clicks, zooms, and pans) as well as general usage data (such as sessions and map loads) on a web map. These user metrics provide valuable insight into how well your experience is built and help you optimize for improved performance of your map layers.

Mapbox and SparkGeo share a commitment to delivering the best value products and services to customers. Mapbox is the leading location data platform for mobile and web applications, building a live updating map based on usage from 600 million monthly active users. Sparkgeo provides custom geospatial analytics, insights, and development support, reporting back on more than 20 million map experiences every month through the Maptiks platform. This new integration strengthens insight into user journeys and project success within the Mapbox platform.

“The Mapbox and Maptiks integration allows developers to uncover hidden insights from map visitors and measure users’ experiences in near real-time,” said Anthony Calamito, Director of Geospatial Programs at Mapbox. “Maptiks provides an unprecedented way to continuously improve web maps, with interactions displayed within 10 seconds of the event being recorded.”

“Sparkgeo cares deeply about geospatial technology. With that in mind, it’s critical for Maptiks to be delivered across as many connected mapping experiences as possible. This partnership allows Mapbox GL JS users to see how their applications are changing the world, one pan, zoom, and click at a time.”

“We’ve heard from many organizations using Mapbox that they are facing a growing need to understand how their geospatial efforts are working in the real world,” says Will Cadell, CEO of SparkGeo. “To meet tomorrow’s geospatial challenges, these organizations need to understand the success of their efforts, which is why we are proud to have taken the first steps toward integrating into the Mapbox ecosystem with our robust analytics tool.”

The Mapbox and Maptiks integration empowers web map developers with superior analytics and compatibility from two best-of-breed platforms.

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