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March 23 Career Fair: Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) Industry Expo

It’s that time of year again where geomatics students in Canada are starting their final semesters of school, many are turning their thoughts to finding a job after graduation. In March, the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) at NSCC is holding their annual Career Fair (or industry expo if you will as it has been renamed).  small_cogs_nscc_logo

For those of you at COGS this is an important event that can bridge all that academic work to that job you want.  This one day event will allow industry and partners to showcase their organizations and share career opportunities with geomatics students and graduates.  COGS is looking for more companies to showcase their opportunities so please get in touch if you are hiring.  COGS student Edmundo G

The COGS Industry Expo/Career Fair is taking place March 23rd 2017

Not only does this event offer opportunities for students and job seekers, but for companies as well. “Companies can increase their own profile and brand, and have great conversations with students and grads,” says organizer Bilynda Whiting. “They can connect a face to a resume and have conversations about what students are learning and how it can benefit their own organization.”

NSCC – Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS)
50 Elliott Road, (Highway 101: Exit 19), approximately one hour and 45 minutes from the Halifax Airport
RR#1 Lawrencetown, NS B0S 1M0

GoGeomatics Hosts Networking Social Night Before Expo (March 22)

All students, faculty, graduates and geomatics enthusiasts are welcome to attend our free fun social networking events.  Jonathan Murphy will be attending the industry expo in his capacity as managing director of GoGeomatics and as an alumnus of COGS.  Join our Meetup group to RSVP and let us know if you will be joining our industry partners at our social.  We have two pubs to choose from and will have it nailed down soon.  A GoGeomatics Career Seminar at the expo is in the planning stages now.  We plan to have it on campus.

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