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Marrika Williams – 2019 Recipient of the GoGeomatics Canada Group Leadership Award

On June 18-19, 2019, Ottawa hosted the first GeoIgnite Conference. This event is committed towards motivating and nurturing future diverse talent. In addition to a planned Job Fair, this event took this opportunity to announce the recipient of the GoGeomatics Canada Group Leadership Award 2019.

GoGeomatics hosts 14 professional networking groups that meet regularly in  most major  cities across Canada.  These groups are led by a group of 30 passionate volunteers who give of their time and energy to strengthen their local geospatial community.  All our group leaders are outstanding leaders  who give selflessly to others  and strengthen our sector. In order to thank our volunteers, each year we recognize the group leader that gone above and beyond in their efforts creating opportunities for others to thrive.

GeoIgnite 2019 Awards

This year’s GoGeomatics Group leadership award recipient, Marrika Williams, is the group leader for Peterborough, Ontario. Marrika has planned and hosted monthly events from September to May.  She has worked with outstanding companies like ESRI Canada, PCI Geomatics, and GM Blue Plan engineering to create not only networking events but Mapathons, Career nights and Open source events. 

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