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Maxar Canada celebrates the season with the GoGeomatics Calgary community

Tuesday December 6th we had the pleasure of Maxar Canada joining our December Calgary Social. John Roos, Director of Maxar connected with the GoGeomatics community. We also had Jonathan Murphy, GoGeomatics Founder & Managing Director attend the social. It was a great opportunity to network with other geomatics professionals, entrepreneurs, recruiters, job seekers, and students. Many of the delegates from the Maxar’s Annual Energy Summit on December 7th were in attendance making this a great networking opportunity. A big thank you to the students who came out from U of C and SAIT.

Our socials are free, fun networking events. You will get the chance to meet other professionals in the Geomatics, GIS and Geography sector.

Please find your GoGeomatics local meetup networking event here:

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To sponsor a social, please email info@gogeomatics.ca and we’ll provide you with more information.