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Maxar Technologies Gives Us a New Ocean View From the Crow’s Nest

Maxar’s Maritime Monitoring System is Filling the Need

Protecting our seas has become a bit easier.

As part of Canada’s National Geospatial Conference, GeoIgnite 2022, Winter Geo, Bryan Smith, Director of Maritime Product Management at Maxar Technologies, held a livestream on March 2, 2022. He spoke on the incredible Crow’s Nest Maritime Monitoring System and how it could be used to combat IUU fishing.

The Crow’s Nest is invaluable, because, as Smith mentions, the oceans are large and many vessels of interest operate dark. It is very difficult to know what is happening out in the ocean, and it is challenging to deploy resources to make the greatest impact. Because of these vast marine regions, there are very few resources to spread around efficiently.

Maxar developed the Crow’s Nest Maritime Monitoring and Security System (MMS), to fill the need. This unique system has a wide range of abilities, including the quick and efficient delivery of critical information to save time, resources, and most importantly, lives.

Bryan Smith, Director of Maritime Product Management at Maxar Technologies.

Crow’s Nest MMS has broad-area surveillance, allowing the ability to get the identity of a “vessel of interest” and its activity accurately.

Speaking of how the system got its name, Smith says the historical and primary source of information on maritime activity was putting a man up in a ship’s Crow’s Nest, the basket at the top of a mast, to spot any hazards or other ships at sea.

While doing the GeoIgnite 2022, Winter Geo livestream, Smith announced an exciting update from Maxar. The new World View Legion Constellation is coming online and is well-suited for Maritime missions. Smith listed some of the constellation’s abilities. World View Legion has an increased capacity to collect imagery, especially over high-demand areas. It can visit areas up to 15 times a day, and produce high-quality images. The constellation has geometric accuracy and allows simultaneous tasking, image, and downlink with Maxar customer ground stations. It has compatibility with global infrastructure and access to programs for customers.

Following the livestream with Bryan Smith, an engaging Q and A session provided even more information. Maxar was a Platinum Sponsor for the Geolgnite 2022, Winter Geo conference. You can watch this talk on Youtube below.