Euchre Tournament at Jolly Taxpayer bar & Grill (Wednesdays)

This is a free tournament for experienced euchre players only, first prize is a $40 gift card and most lone hands win a free appetizer.


• Play 8 hands per game.
• To begin tournament first black Jack deals.
• Every game following the visiting A deals first.
• Winning team moves: A clockwise B counter clockwise.
• Losing team stays and partners split.
• If you order your partner up you are going alone.
• You do not need a natural to pick it up.
• If everyone passes, the deal moves to the left.
• For a misdeal the dealer redeals.
• No tramming.
• Each person takes their own tricks.
• Scoring:
3-4 tricks with partner or alone 1 pt
All 5 tricks with partner 2 pts
All 5 tricks alone 4 pts
Euchre 2 pts
Renege 2 pts
• When going alone and you take all 5 tricks, both partners get
4 points but only you circle the 4 on your score card and have
your partner initial a lone hand square at the bottom of your
score card.
• Any table talk, humming and hawing or procrastination:
Automatic 2 pts
• Traditional dealing. No cutting the deck necessary.


December 4


06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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Barrhaven Social


The Jolly Taxpayer Bar & Grill

3050 Woodroffe Ave unit 7-8

Nepean, ON, CA, K2J 4K6

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