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NeoGeo Technologies Ready to Grow in Canada

NeoGeoInfo Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Award Winning Company Eager to Provide Solutions

A livestream on March 3, 2022, from the GeoIgnite, Winter Geo conference, delighted viewers with a presentation by Sreeramam GV, Chief Executive Officer of NeoGeoInfo Technologies Pvt. Ltd, as he introduced the “new to Canada” company and the capabilities and solutions they can provide.

Sreeramam GV, Chief Executive Officer of NeoGeoInfo Technologies Pvt. Ltd

NeoGeo was once known as Geoinfosys Technologies and is an expert in its field. Although new to Canada, the company has over 15 years of vast experience in geospatial technologies. NeoGeo focuses on software development, consultancy, and system integration services dealing with infrastructure, engineering, urban development, and utilities, as well as other engineering-related projects.

There were two parts to the presentation. The first part was for introducing the company and its capabilities and experience. The second part was to discuss the solutions in several different areas.

As one of the fastest-growing geospatial service providers across India and Canada, GV says NeoGeo is a “one-stop-shop” for custom-made solutions. NeoGeo understands all projects have different problems, and different terrains, and so each needs its own solution.

There are three basic sections in NeoGeo, Mapping, Model, and Manage. After discussing the three sections in detail, GV also discussed the proficiency of each of these sections.

Besides speaking about NeoGeo’s experience and partnerships, GV also spoke about his company’s abilities with lidar data processing, vector mapping, point cloud data, subsurface mapping, GIS, and challenges in utility mapping.

GV says NeoGeo is excited and eager to be part of the building process in Canada. 

A deep, heartfelt thank you to NeoGeo, a Silver Sponsor for Canada’s National Geospatial Conference, GeoIgnite, Winter Geo. 

An interesting Q and A session followed the presentation. You can watch the live-streamed presentation on Youtube below.

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