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New Canadian GoGeomatics Group Launched in Peterborough Ontario

GoGeomatics Canada would like to announce Peterborough, Ontario has been added to our growing list of cross-country GoGeomatics Socials! We now have 11 groups across Canada. GoGeomatics welcomes Rachel Kuzmich and Danah Ashcroft as the social group leaders for Peterborough.

The Back to School GoGeomatics Social will be our fist event. It is being held at the Pub 180 on Hunter (Website) on Tuesday September 20th at 6:30pm.


GoGeomatics: Why are you starting a GoGeomatics Canada Group in Peterborough?

Rachel: With a rich geomatics sector in the area, a GoGeomatics Social group seemed like a natural fit to bring individuals together forming a community. Peterborough and surrounding areas are home to many private firms and government agencies employing geomatics professionals, Trent University and nearby Fleming College in Lindsay offer geomatics courses and programs.

Getting people together to talk about geomatics is a great way to share ideas and experiences with others. These socials will also provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet, develop relationships with, and learn from professionals who have already begun their careers in geomatics.

GoGeomatics: Can you tell the community about both your backgrounds? 

Rachel: Prior to moving to Peterborough three years ago, I had spent the previous decade between Toronto and Montreal. I had always had an interest in geography, and in my late 20s I decided to begin my academic journey at Trent University in pursuit of a joint honours bachelor of science in geography and biology.  While at Trent I have also been working as a research assistant in the geomatics lab where I have assisted with UAV mission planning, the collection of vegetation parameters ground data, and interpretation of forest disturbances using Landsat imagery.

Danah: After receiving my honours bachelor of science degree in biology at the University of Toronto, I completed a postgraduate certificate in geographical information systems at Niagara College. I then worked for a number of firms across Canada and internationally, holding positions of GIS specialist, product technician, among others. I moved to Peterborough a little over a year ago after accepting an offer with the city of Peterborough.

GoGeomatics Canada

Have you ever participated in a GoGeomatics Social?

Rachel: I have not yet participated in any GoGeomatics Socials but have always wanted to. Having followed GoGeomatics online and hearing so many good things about from other students and professors I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.  Danah and I are excited to help create something special and meaningful here in Peterborough for the geospatial community. We are really looking forward to the Back to School social at the end of September to kick GoGeomatics off in Peterborough.

GoGeomatics: How can participants benefit?

Rachel: Geomatics professionals can be found in a number of different firms operating in different sectors, possibly marooned on their own as the sole geomatics professional at their place of work! GoGeomatics socials connects these professionals and integrates students, creating a community. There are a number of benefits from building a geomatics community in Peterborough; a community provides opportunities to teach and learn from others, to share and hear stories, to be mentored and provide guidance, to name just a few perks.

GoGeomatics: Will you be looking for a Local Sponsor?

Rachel:  Yes we are looking for a local organization to be our sponsor.  This will help us defray the costs of for setting up our Meetup group and more.  Meetup is great for handling RSVPS’s for events like socials. So if anybody wants to become our sponsor please let us know by emailing GoGeomatics Canada at “info@gogeomatics.ca”

Both Danah and I are excited to host the inaugural GoGeomatics Social and am looking forward to meeting you all. See you there!

GoGeomatics Back to School Social
Peterborough, Ontario
180 Hunter Street West Peterborough, ON.
Tuesday September 20th at 6:30pm


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