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New GoGeomatics Networking Group in Kingston Ontario

GoGeomatics Canada would like to announce Kingston, Ontario has been added to our growing list of cross-country GoGeomatics Socials! GoGeomatics welcomes Tristan Forward as the social group leader for Kingston. Which will be held at The Toucan on Sept. 23rd at 6:45 PM

GoGeomatics: Why do you wish to start a GoGeomatics Social in Kingston?

Tristan: I would like to host the socials because I have seen firsthand the positive impact these socials have. I started attending the GeGeomatics socials back in the summer of 2011 in Ottawa after finishing my GIS certificate at Fleming College.Alberta Geomatics Group Calgary GoGeomatics Social May 2014 14

The group is very welcoming, with a diverse range of people with different experiences from all over the industry such as: students, professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs among others.

The encouragement, suggestions and personal stories that people shared of their experiences in the industry and their career path, helped me do the same.

GoGeomatics: Who are you and how have you been involved in GoGeomatics in the past?

Tristan: I grew up in Ottawa and was first introduced to GIS at Carleton University by the passionate, and for those who know him tireless Dan Patterson. Interned with GoGeomatics Canada for 5 months before moving to Fort St. John B.C where I gained invaluable experience with Vector Geomatics.

Then moved to Calgary and worked for Matrix Solutions Inc. and started co-hosting the Calgary GoGeomatics socials with Aubrey Downie who I oddly enough had originally met at the GoGeomatics socials in Ottawa, GIS is indeed a small world!Alberta Geomatics Group Calgary GoGeomatics Social May 2014 12

Then moved back closer to home in Kingston working for Utilities Kingston and would like to continue being a part of the GoGeomatics community.

GoGeomatics: How can participants benefit?

Tristan: GoGeomatics socials help to better connect the geomatics community. The meetings break the ice by allowing people from all levels of their careers to network in a relaxed, fun environment.

It is a great place to hear stories and experiences how others got to where they are and what latest tools and technologies they are utilizing within GIS.

It’s also a place where people who have been in the industry longer have a chance to give back and help the next generation of GISers’ (if that’s a word) get started.

GoGeomatics: Nice! Anything else?OttawaFeb social

Tristan: Just I’m really looking forward to hosting the socials which are free, anyone can attend, and are always a good time.

I would also like to mention we are also looking for a second social leader to help out with the event. If you are interested please chat with me during our first social so we can get you on board.

Hope to see you all there. Cheers!

The GeGeomatics social will be held at The Toucan on Sept. 23rd at 6:45 PM. Read Tristan’s previous Calgary social co-host post here.

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