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Nominations for GIS Science Award: GIScience Study Group CAG – ACG


GIScience Excellence Award

Offered and adjudicated by the GIScience Study Group

Logo GIS Science Annual nominations are due by midnight of 15 April

The award will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the GIScience Study Group at York University in May-June 2017.


•  To recognize distinction in research, scholarship, creativity, service, and/or teaching excellence among GIScience community members in Canada.

•  To enhance the prominence and reputation of the GIScience Study Group and the Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) as national leaders in any research, teaching, or service area that substantially touches GIScience.

•  To recognize and promote excellent research practices, dissemination, or educational developments that advance knowledge and/or engagement with the wider community.

Terms of Reference

1.  No self-nominations are permitted.

2.  Nominees must not be students, in the context of the nomination.

3.  Nominations must be compiled by the nominator, and then submitted electronically to the Chair of the GIScience Study Group, who will form an Adjudication Committee comprising 3 individuals to evaluate submissions. If the Nominee does not specifically accept being nominated and to the use of private materials, then no materials that are not publically available should be used in the nomination package.

4.  The Adjudication Committee of the GIScience Study Group will adjudicate and make recommendations to the GIScience Study Group Executive.

5.  Normally, the awards will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the GIScience Study Group, typically held during the Annual Meeting of the CAG. Recipients are encouraged to attend this meeting, to receive the award in person.

6.  The award recipient will be presented with a certificate of recognition and a cheque for $250.

7.  If no suitable Nominee is nominated in a given year, the award does not need to be awarded.


•  One award will be presented each calendar year to a GIScience practitioner.

•  The nominee need not be a Canadian, but must be a member in good standing of the CAG and the GIScience Study Group.

•  A nomination will remain active within the pool of nominations for three years.

Nomination Package Requirements

• Nomination letter from the Nominator outlining the rationale for the submission (1-2 pages).

• Nominee’s CV.

• Letter from the Nominee giving permission for the nomination and the use of CV and any other items in the nomination package (with exception, see #3 above).

• Any materials or excerpts of the Nominee’s work that may be useful to demonstrate distinction or excellence in the area(s) for which the nomination is being made.


• Preferred application method is through email to chair_gis_sig@dges.carleton.ca. Please submit the application package as a single PDF file comprising all required elements. The filename should contain the surname of the Nominee. 

Chair, GIScience Study Group, Department of Geography, N430 Ross Building, York University, Toronto, Ontario, M3J 1P3, Canada. Email: chair_gis_sig@dges.carleton.ca

Tarmo Remmel

Chair, GIScience Study Group (CAG)


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