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Nov 22nd GoGeomatics Edmonton Presents: How to Speak and Present Geospatial Technical Topics with Confidence

The Edmonton GoGeomatics Meetup Group has the honour of having Dan Robinson Sgt (Retd) speak on the topics of the three rules of public speaking and presentations.

When: Nov 22nd
Where: Royal Canadian Legion Branch 271
6 Tache St · St. Albert, AB
(North West of Edmonton)

Dan’s presentation will relay his experience of 20 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and specifically on his 8 years of presenting geospatial information to all levels of the Intelligence and Engineering branch of the Military.

The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 271 in St. Albert has donated a room in their facility for the presentations. The room’s capacity is 18 people maximum.

Please contact Edmonton Group leader Shawn DeAdder sdeadder@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Please RSVP through our Meetup Group by licking the button below.

The presentation will be closed after the maximum RSVPs are received.

If there is enough interest, we can arrange for a second date in early 2020.

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