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November 1st 2013 Canadian GoGeomatics MERX Report

Here is the November 1st 2013 GoGeomatics MERX Report.
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TBIPS Prof. lnf. Service

Published: 09/10/2013 / Closing: 12/11/2013
Solicitation Number: EP296-132122/B
Organzation Name: Public Works and Government Services Canada
Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada

PWGSC requires a team of dedicated IT professionals address
specific IT needs in order to help the Knowledge Management &
Systems directorate (KM&S) achieve their operational and
strategic objectives, including meeting the demands of the Real
Property business lines and prepare the data in the existing
systems for the migration to the NOVUS solution.

To develop management zone maps and provide more detailed ecological survey information

Published: 09/10/13  / Closing: 22/10/201312:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time EDT
Solicitation Number: 9121-13-7192
Organization Name: City of Toronto

Quotations are invited to develop management zone maps and provide more detailed ecological survey information for approximately 57 Environmentally Specific Areas (ESA) sites under City jurisdiction.


Published: 11/10/2013 / Closing 04/11/2013 PM Central Standard Time CST
Solicitation Number: 033217
Buying Organization: Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro desires to enter into an agreement with an independent contractor whereby, on an ongoing basis, Manitoba Hydro can obtain survey, mapping and drafting services.

Highwood River LiDAR Acquisition Project

Published: 15/10/2013 / Closing: 18/10/2013 02:00 PM Alberta Time
Solicitation Number: ESRD-OPSOIB-140265
Organization Name: Alberta Public Sector

Project Background – Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) produces flood hazard mapping for communities at risk from flooding under the Alberta Flood Hazard Identification Program. During the major flood event of June 2013, significant changes in the Highwood River channel though the Town of High River occurred. In order to undertake a new flood hazard mapping study for the area, an updated Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is required.

RFP 13.0618 Development Expansion Area, Area Concept Plan

Published: 21/10/2013 / Closing: 08/11/2013 02:00 PM Alberta Time
Solicitation Number: 13.0618
Organization Name: Alberta Public Sector

The Successful Proponent will be required to provide Strathcona County with an Area Concept Plan that will guide development and planning activities in the Development Expansion Area (as defined in the Municipal Development Plan Bylaw 1-2007) through a 25-year planning horizon, as well as the necessary engineering reports to support this level of planning. The strategy will address the main objectives outlined under Section 2. SCOPE OF WORK within the Request for Proposals (RFP).


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