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October 1st 2013 Canadian GoGeomatics MERX Report

Here is the October 1st 2013 GoGeomatics MERX Report. Login to see the contracts on MERX

Laurentian Channel Ground-truthing Project

Published: 23/09/2013 /Closing 07/10/2013 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time EDT
Solicitation Number:  F5211-130193
Organization Name:    Fisheries and Oceans Canada

For this contract the processed MBES data layers (to be provided by Oceans Division NL region) must be classified using multispectral and/or conventional interpretation methods to generate a segmented map of the survey area (Figure 1). This output will be used to develop a sample site plan which will be the basis for the second part of this contract, the ground-truthing field survey. This survey will involve the collection and processing of underwater video and seabed photographs, as well as the collection of sediment/infaunal grab samples (to be processed at a later date).


Modified Marine Radar (Bird Tracking)

Published: 23/09/2013 / Closing 01/11/2013 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time EDT
Solicitation Number:  K2A50-130002/A
Organization Name:    Public Works and Government Services Canada

Environment Canada has a requirement to purchase one (1) modified Marine Radar Bird Detection systems (MRBDS) for detecting birds and other biological targets. This radar will be used for research and monitoring programs related to bird migration, for calibration of weather radars for detecting birds, and also to evaluate various protocols for monitoring.

The marine radar unit is also required to assist in the development of Environmental Prediction Capacity for mapping bird movements in space and time (in conjunction with large-scale weather radars), and to monitor movements of birds in relation to wind turbines and other hazards to birds such as towers and lit buildings.




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