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OGC Discusses The 2021 Disaster Pilot And What’s To Come

Plans To Improve Disaster Decision Making By Developing Standards-Based Services

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Senior Director, Trevor Taylor, spoke regarding the 2021 Disaster Pilot through a March 3, 2022 livestream presentation at GeoIgnite, Winter Geo conference. 

The goal of the pilot, “Eyes in the Sky to Feet on the Ground,” was to develop standards-based services to help with quick decision making during the entire life-cycle of managing disasters and other hazards. The pilot included the ability to integrate, process and transform EO and other data streams for quick use in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Analysis Ready Data (ADD), and Decision Ready Information (DRI) services, as well as Optimized Web Search for disasters.

Taylor spoke about disaster cycles and critical indicators, as well as scenarios and geographics. He illustrated the pilot’s study of landslides and flooding hazards, and pandemic impacts in areas in Peru and Manitoba, Canada. The integration of Health and EO data and services for pandemic response in Louisiana, USA, was also discussed. 

Some highlights of the presentation were the discussion of ARD and DRI support for flood and landslide indicators, the Health SDI Concept Development Study, and the EO Cloud Platform Concept Development Study using Sentinel-1 support with flooding and monitoring.

The aim for the disaster pilot is the creation of “Readiness Guides.” These guides are for multiple organizations’ data and product providers, analysts, and stakeholders, to help them prepare or coordinate data during disaster management and response efforts.  There are also guides for data users, relief organizations, field personnel, and response stakeholders. The guides are released in HTML and PDF with a feedback form, with hopes to make them “live” to be updated periodically.

Taylor spoke about the disaster pilot for 2022, which will include more hazards, capabilities and “closer-to-operation results.” He also discussed the Climate Change Initiative for 2022-2023.

An information-filled Q and A followed the presentation. You can watch the entire presentation on YouTube below.