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Online Training QGIS: Fortress of Louisbourg, Geo-rectification & Publishing

Join EBP Geospatial Consulting Inc, Teaching assistant, and trainer, Eric Purdie on May 2, 2023, from 3 pm to 4 pm, as he leads an online workshop for QGIS: Fortress of Louisbourg, Geo-rectification and Publishing. This GeoTech Express workshop is a part of the GeoTech Training Program.

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In this one-hour workshop, participants will take a satellite image of Nova Scotia’s Fortress of Louisbourg, and learn to save it in Google Earth Pro and Georeference it using the QGIS Georeferencer tool.

Will you need anything for this workshop? Participants will the following software and plugins: QGIS and Google Earth Pro, and Canvec series dataset, HRDEM (DSM) and Google Earth Pro Image.

Click here for more information on the workshop!

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