• Posted on: October 4, 2018
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    Jon Murphy

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Our Biggest Events Ever Across Canada with 500 Participants & 20 Sponsors: 5th Annual 2018 GoGeomatics Canada Back to School Socials

The 5th annual 2018 Back to School GoGeomatics socials were a huge hit with students and professionals. We hosted events from coast to coast: 15 GoGeomatics groups invited the Canadian geomatics community to celebrate the start of the new school year by welcoming new and returning students to college and universities across Canada.

Students at Kingston GoGeomatics Back to School Social 2018

I spent most of the month traveling across Canada meeting new and returning students. I was lucky enough to be at 13 socials, starting in Halifax and moving west as the month progressed. It’s become a tradition for me to not only say ‘Hi’ to the students but also to talk to geomatics professionals across the country and get a feel or the job market, the community and the strength of our sector as a whole.

Calgary this year really exceeded all expectations, with GoGeomatics taking over the entire Celtic Cellar for the night. I counted around 100 participants at the Calgary event alone!

With the help of our sponsors, we had the largest and most successful set of events since we began to host socials across the country.

It is people that make up a community. If you come to our networking events you will find that Canada’s Geomatics community has a lot of great people in it. Our thanks go out to the over 500 individuals that came out to support each other and the geomatics sector in Canada.

Together we continue to build upon our sector’s identity and strengthen the “Geomatics” brand, not only in Canada but around the world.

A special thank you to the sponsors who made it out to the socials to mix and mingle with the next generation of Canada’s geospatial professionals.

Click here to visit our latest post for Pictures from our Events across Canada!

Our Sponsors:

These networking socials would not take place without the support of our gold level national sponsors and our regional silver-level sponsors. Our thanks to them for helping us put these important sector events together.  If you want to renew your support please get in touch as well if you want to become one of the growing numbers of schools, organizations, and individuals who support these events and our groups across Canada use our contact for to email us.



National (Gold) Sponsors

Media Sponsor

Regional (Silver) Sponsors






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