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    Posted on January 9, 2012
    GoGeomatics has had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Robert 'Bob' Ryerson of KIM Geomatics Corporation.   Along with his recently published book titled "Why 'Where' Matters", Dr. Ryerson is Canada's first PhD in Remote Sensing.  He was the Director General of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing and is currently the CEO of KIM Geomatics Corporation. GoGeomatics:  Welcome Dr. Ryerson to the GoGeomatics community.  We would like to give our readers some background.  Let's start with some basic career history.  Could you tell us where you are from and what led you to a career in geomatics? Dr. Ryerson:  I am originally from...
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    Posted on December 11, 2011
    GoGeomatics recently had the opportunity to talk with Andrew Hoggarth, Marketing and Sales Manager, CARIS .  As a senior executive in the Geomatics industry, Andrew has a wealth of experience to share about CARIS  and how his technical expertise has led him to a senior position in a business role. GoGeomatics:   We would like to start the interview by asking you a little about yourself and how you got into geomatics as a profession. To get us started can you tell us where you are from and which schools have you attended? Andy: I am from the Northern part of England originally, I went to West Craven High School in Barnoldswick,...
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    Posted on November 17, 2011
    You are invited to the GoGeomatics GIS Day event – Free RADARSAT  Receiving Station Tour If you would like to take the tour or know someone who might please pass this message on. Date: November 16th, Wednesday (2011) Start Time 1pm Finish time around 3:30 or 4pm Next week instead of the usual coffee and jobs group meeting GoGeomatics has arranged a free tour of the Gatineau Receiving Station that is run by the Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS). The Gatineau Satellite Station presently receives data from the following Earth observation satellites: ERS ENVISAT Landsat RADARSAT-1 RADARSAT-2 The Canada Centre for Remote...
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    Posted on October 29, 2011
    This month's GoGeomatics social meeting was held in conjunction with The National Capital GIS Group at the Clock Tower Brew Pub on Bank St. in Ottawa. A great turnout of close to thirty people were in attendance, bringing together those in the industry, entrepreneurs, small businesses, students and those looking for work. See below for more about those present. This was a excellent networking opportunity and a chance to see what else is going on in the Geomatics world. Having a mixture of those already in the industry and those looking to get into Geomatics made for lively discussion. Join us next month for a trip to the Cantley receiving...
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    Posted on August 20, 2011
    GoGeomatics met with Jenn White a photogrammetry and cartographic specialist to talk about her job hunt and her career.  Jenn has worked has worked for the federal government in Ottawa and for industry in the prairies. GoGeomatics: Where are you from? Jenn: I’m from the extremely hot and extremely cold city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. I moved to Ottawa when The Centre for Topographic Information at Natural Resources Canada offered me a term to work with them. I jumped at the opportunity and was excited to live in a new city. GoGeomatics:Where did you go to school? Jenn: I attended the University of Manitoba. I did my B.A. Advanced with...