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    Posted on February 11, 2012
    This week GoGeomatics Canada has the privilege of speaking with Dr. Mohamed Abousalem the CEO of TECTERRA. GoGeomatics: Welcome to the GoGeomatics Canada community and thanks for taking the time to speak with our 6,000 members. Why don't we start with a little background on you and your geomatics career. What inspired you to focus your working life on geomatics? How did you get your start and how has that lead you to your current position? Dr. Abousalem: I started off my career as a civil engineer and when I decided to go to grad school, I looked for something that was new, exciting and had leading edge technology. At that time...
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    Posted on February 5, 2012
    The first GoGeomatics Canada interview for February is with Jean-François Dionne. He is the Senior Geomatics Specialist at WESA Group Inc in Ottawa. Jean-François has many years of experience as a geomatics manager and specialist. His geospatial career has spanned the nation and even so far today as some of the more remote regions of the planet. GoGeomatics: Jean-François tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from? Jean-François: I am originally from Ottawa but have moved around the country following interesting and challenging GIS opportunities. Now after all these years of travelling around I decided to settle down,...
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    Posted on January 22, 2012
    TECTERRA cordially invites you to explore new business opportunities in geomatics February 29th, 2012 at the Chateau Laurier Fairmont Hotel in Ottawa. 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM in the Adam room. The registration desk opens at 8:30 AM. Please be advised that there is a limit of two guests per company for this event. This event will not only provide you with a chance to network with other geomatics professionals, but will also bring you first rate speakers in the field of geomatics and leadership. Speakers Include : Ed Parsons               Geospatial Technologist at Google Ed...
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    Posted on January 16, 2012
    GoGeomatics member Pamela Williams is currently on assignment in Pakistan working with the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.  We recently had the opportunity to learn about her GIS experiences overseas.  Pamela will be sharing her GIS experience in a 3 part series.  Stay tuned for more from Pamela in Pakistan! Part 1: The grass is always greener... Have you ever sat behind your computer feeling like there must be more to life than completing another GIS task? I certainly have, especially since listening to the stories told by a good friend who was posted overseas with CANADEM to provide GIS services...
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    Posted on January 9, 2012
    GoGeomatics has had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Robert 'Bob' Ryerson of KIM Geomatics Corporation.   Along with his recently published book titled "Why 'Where' Matters", Dr. Ryerson is Canada's first PhD in Remote Sensing.  He was the Director General of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing and is currently the CEO of KIM Geomatics Corporation. GoGeomatics:  Welcome Dr. Ryerson to the GoGeomatics community.  We would like to give our readers some background.  Let's start with some basic career history.  Could you tell us where you are from and what led you to a career in geomatics? Dr. Ryerson:  I am originally from...