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Panelists Discuss The Power of Diversity When Combating Climate Change

Five Views On The Importance of Diverse Perspectives 

During the GeoIgnite, Winter Geo live-streamed closing panel discussion on March 3, 2022, five panelists had the chance to interact with each other and participants on the topic of how important diversity is to combat climate change. The five panelists included: Aaron Addison, Vice President of Americas of Geospatial World, Bilyana Anicic, President of Aurora Consulting, Nicholas Kellet, Founder and CEO of Deploy Software Solutions, Gerald Kutney, Managing Director of Sixth Element Sustainable Management, and Adina Gillespie, Director Of Business Development, Europe of GHGSat Inc. Addison acted as moderator for the discussion.

The two-part discussion began with each panelist making an introduction, followed by a Q and A with participants. 

Anicic began and spoke about how the panel, from the beginning, really

 benefited individuals and groups through diversity, inclusion, justice, and different aspects than just geospatial. 

Anicic said, “Diversity is key to understanding and solving all sorts of different problems.”

She discussed how research has shown diverse teams make better decisions, and how adding a woman to a board of directors increases sustainability of decisions by 60%.  She said diversity makes good business sense as knowledge helps predict future events as well as dealing with current events.

Kutney was the next panelist to speak. He said the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change) states there are common but differentiated responsibilities for everyone, everywhere.  He spoke about the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and how it has increased in diversity over the years. The UN is leading the way in recommendations and measurable outcomes. 

Gillespie spoke next, and discussed the three scales of Inclusivity and Diversity. The first scale is the individual level, the second is the institutional level, and the third level is the international level. Inclusiveness carries a lot of weight when it comes to discussion. Gillespie believes diversity in the discussion of climate change is essential. 

She said, “We need diversity of thoughts at the table.”

The final panelist was Kellet. He discussed how software can help prepare

 everyone for climate change and disasters. Kellet said he had to ask a lot of questions to find out why people did not act 

He said we live in a world where disasters don’t have a start or end date. There are dynamic situations. Kellet gave examples of fires and floods, and discussed risks. He believes diversity is important, because at the individual and community levels are the people who are affected. He says we need to empower the people, naturally, where they are. 

The panalists then took questions from participants. 

You can watch the intriguing presentation on YouTube below.



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