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Panelists Discuss Using Geointelligence and AI to Solve Real World Problems

Maxar Sponsors Panel Discussion at GeoIgnite, Winter Geo

Prashant Shukle, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer from Global Geospatial Group

During a livestream at the GeoIgnite, Winter Geo conference on March 1, 2022, guests were treated to five panelists speaking on “Using GeoIntelligence & AI to solve real-world problems,” sponsored by Maxar. The panelists were Prashant Shukle, Chief Strategy and Operations Officer from Global Geospatial Group, Barbara Ryan, Executive Director from WGIC, Arthur Berrill, CTO from Royal Bank of Canada, Kumar Navulur, Sr. Director of Strategic Growth from Maxar Technologies, Mark Carmichael, Director of Product from MDA.

The discussion opened with Shukle appreciating the free and open forum he says has done wonders to advance the geospatial industry and private sector in Canada. 

Barbara Ryan, Executive Director from WGIC

Ryan discussed the WGIC report on Geo Artificial Intelligence. The report was a scan of global legislation. She said some countries have developed legislation or regulations that affect or impact AI (artificial intelligence) but not geospatial AI. The report was developed to make sure the tools and technology are used ethically and includes recommendations to the government and private sector and best practices. 

Arthur Berrill, CTO from Royal Bank of Canada

At RBC, eight hundred million transactions are made each day, and 92% of those have a spatial component to them. Berrill believes there is untapped potential for banks around the world for location intelligence and geospatial studies to get traction. Berrill also said much of the bank is run on AI (machine learning models). 

Kumar Navulur, Sr. Director of Strategic Growth from Maxar Technologies

Maxar has its new World Legion Satellites coming out this year and will be getting information up to 15 times a day, depending on location. Navulur said humans would need thousands of analysts to go through all the collected data. Over seven years ago, Maxar invested in AI, developing Deep Core and creating over 100 other models that detect 30 different types of objects. 

Carmichael said MDA is launching its Chorus Constellation, a CNX band of Constellation of SAR. It is part of the Continuity and Expansion Mission. MDA is also rolling out the Maritime Insights platform, a multi-layer surveillance platform. He believes machine learning is critical.

The panel further discussed ethics, the SWIFT system, and broader global situations during an interactive session with the audience.

A deep, heartfelt thank you to Maxar, a Platinum Sponsor for Canada’s National Geospatial Conference, GeoIgnite, Winter Geo.

You can watch this entire intriguing panel presentation on Youtube below.


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