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Product Launch – Geomatica 2014 from PCI Geomatics

GoGeomatics Canada recently attended the launch of PCI Geomatics’ latest version of Geomatica 2014, the integrated desktop image processing software. The event took place June 19 at the stylish Gatineau Golf Club at a cocktail-style reception, complete with three-piece jazz band, impossibly tasty hors d’oeuvres, and a room full of enthused geo-community members.

PCI Kevin-Arn

Arnold Hougham and Kevin Jones of PCI Geomatics unveil Geomatica 2014

“How can we, as a small Canadian company, compete globally?” Asked President and CEO Terry Moloney in the introduction to the June 19 unveiling of Geomatica 2014. The answer, it seems, is to make one core product, and make it well.

This “small Canadian company” plays big on the world stage, with worldwide facilities in the United States and China, and more than 30,000 PCI licenses in over 150 countries. Geomatica is the core of what they do. That’s why this new product launch was so exciting. In speaking with many of the PCI crew in the room, you could almost hear the sigh of relief they were breathing that this day was finally here. The drinks, served in complementary Geomatica glasses, were well-deserved for this group.

PCI Beer

After the introductions, the crowd was treated to a demonstration of some of the key features of Geomatica 2014. This version’s features and updates are all about easier access, simplified workflow, efficiency, and time-saving methods. New features include the following:

Live DEM Editing

Geomatica 2014 includes real-time editing tools that eliminate repetitive tasks, cutting ortho and mosaicking times and costs. This feature lets users see and edit DTM errors on an automatically updated live ortho preview, with no need to wait for a full ortho to be produced and checked.

Smart GeoFill

The SmartGeoFill tool allows users to copy, paste, and blend parts of your projects without interrupting workflow, no additional software necessary. This allows users to retouch or correct ortho-mosaics while maintaining full geo-referencing, channel combinations, and bit-depth.

Python Scripting

Python allows users to script their Geomatica image processing and combine it with other tasks to streamline data management applications, generate intelligent business products, or customize output for a variety of GIS applications.

PCI Group

Bonnie Harris (PCI), Thierry Toutin (retired, CCRS), and David Stanley (PCI)

In addition to these features, Geomatica 2014 also includes faster DEM extraction, better GCP editing, and dozens of other improvements.

PCI Geomatics has certainly been busy. They launched the new product in conjunction with a brand new, user-friendly website, www.pcigeomatics.com. Visit the website for more information on Geomatica 2014, and for a free 15-day trial of the product.


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