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Registration for Lidar CANEX 2024 is open!

Canada’s Lidar Expo is coming to you on March 26th, including a workshop day on March 27, 2024.

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GoGeomatics Canada, the popular and influential geomatics communications hub, is bringing you an online event where reality capture Lidar vendors are matched with practicing 3D professionals from Canada and abroad.

The Canadian Lidar Commercial Expo is a completely virtual B2B event! Registration is free and opened February 26th. Claim your ticket today! There are still sponsorship packages available, as well as opportunities for speakers and workshops. If you are interested, please contact us.

Meet Our Host and Moderator, Dr. Tim Webster

Dr. Tim Webster is a Canadian geomatics leader and an esteemed, award-winning research scientist with the Applied Geomatics Research Group (AGRG) of Nova Scotia. He is also a consultant for Lidar projects across the globe. Dr. Webster uses Lidar for his research and has focused on mapping and earth surface modeling.

Preview of some of the talks

Kenneth Ang workhsop

Tim Webster workshop

Workshop day March 27th, 2024

NRC workshopsGet your free ticket

For sponsorship packages please download the participant package.

For questions on this event, please contact info@gogeomatics.ca.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Sliver sponsor

lidar CANEX sponsors


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