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Remembering Doug King

The fields of geography and geomatics lost a bright light far too early on May 12th, 2021, with the passing of Doug King. Dr. King was a professor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies (DGES) at Carleton University. All those who were fortunate to be a colleague, student, or friend mourn the loss.

The Carleton DGIS hosts a moving memorial that can be read here.

Doug King – Gatineau Park, Eardley Escarpment, Quebec

I first met Doug at Carleton in 2004 when I was looking for advice on acquiring LIDAR data for Gatineau Park. I was a recent graduate of COGS and had just moved back home to Wakefield, Quebec. Doug was generous with his time and advice. Over the years, living and working in Ottawa, we would chat about projects together at Carleton and GoGeomatics events when we ran into each other. I will miss those chats and Doug’s perspective on all things “geo.”

Jonathan Murphy – Managing Director GoGeomatics Canada

Doug was my PhD Co-supervisor along with Andrew Davidson at Carleton for my (current) project using remote sensing for grassland classification and monitoring in Alberta. He was also my Co-supervisor for my MSc research on a similar topic. Doug has been there for me for the majority of my academic career and I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had to learn from him. Although at some moments I was not the ideal graduate student, he was always there for me and took every opportunity (even all the way through his Cancer treatment) to build me up and advocate for me, and his patience and kindness are one of the main reasons why I found the confidence to pursue my PhD. He had a way of teaching without knowing you were being taught – and I like to think that his unique way of thinking and looking at the world and scientific research has become part of the scaffolding in my own brain. I know his legacy will live on through generations of graduate students who have been lucky to learn & study with him. Doug has had a profound impact on many in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University as well as in the field of remote sensing. He will be greatly missed.

Emily Lindsay, PhD Candidate, Carleton University

Doug’s enthusiasm, passion for science, and dedication to his students will be greatly missed. As a mentor and scientist, he leaves a Doug-sized gap in our world. At a time when leadership, kindness, and guidance are sorely needed his passing is a loss for all of us. However, we can all take comfort in the fact that Doug’s knowledge and passion lives on in everyone he has inspired.

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