Riverside Mfg., LLC announces partnership to assemble commercial GPS receivers in the U.S.

Jan. 12, 2022, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA—Riverside Mfg., LLC, a Fort Wayne-based national developer of harsh-environment electrical solutions, announced a new partnership with Bad Elf, LLC, a leading producer of GPS receivers headquartered in Hartford, Conn. This partnership enables Riverside to assemble commercial GPS receivers entirely in the U.S., a move the company predicts will positively impact supply chain lead times and product quality.

Founded in 2010, Bad Elf delivers affordable accuracy through easy-to-use hardware supported by continuously evolving firmware, apps, and cloud services. Through this new partnership, Bad Elf will collaborate with Riverside to source all the materials for the commercial GPS receivers, and Riverside Manufacturing will manage the assembly process.

Riverside Manufacturing Vice President of Sales and Marketing David Rednour said, “We are thrilled to partner with Bad Elf to assemble this highly-specialized GNSS receiver, the Bad Elf Flex®, and get it to market as quickly as possible. Riverside Manufacturing will oversee the full assembly process here in the U.S. indefinitely, adding speed and quality to the supply chain.”

Larry Fox, vice president of marketing and business development at Bad Elf, noted the complexity of the product. A wide variety of applications use the type of commercial GNSS receivers that will be manufactured at Riverside Manufacturing.

“Bad Elf committed to assembling our flagship product, the Bad Elf Flex, here in America years ago. Shortening lead times and improving product quality by collaborating with a highly respected and trusted partner in Riverside Manufacturing directly benefits our customers. It also frees our staff to focus on product development and customer engagement. A high accuracy product, like the Flex, demands high quality out of the box to ensure the one centimeter (1cm) accuracy necessary for customers in architecture, engineering, construction, utilities, oil and gas, archeology and land surveying,” said Fox.

The partnership is active, with units being produced on an ongoing basis at Riverside’s Fort Wayne facility. GPS receivers can be purchased directly from Bad Elf at bad-elf.com.

About Riverside Mfg., LLC

Founded in 1947, Riverside specializes in the design and development of custom products for harsh environments, including PCB assembly, electronics assembly, industrial labels, metal fabrication and instrumentation. The company has earned a national reputation for excellence in building to print, collaborating on custom electronic designs and manufacturing electrical products. For more information, visit riversidemfg.com.

About Bad Elf

Bad Elf’s line of GNSS receivers empower GIS and survey professionals to collect high-accuracy field data using any phone, tablet, or laptop. The company’s products work with any location-based app running on iOS, Android, and Windows. All Bad Elf’s Bluetooth receivers have an integrated LCD screen and intuitive user interface to provide status information and perform standalone data collection when needed.

Bad Elf’s products and services evolve within a framework of learning from its customers and applying its diverse and deep technical skills to deliver exceptional offerings that solve real-world challenges. Within this mindset, the company seeks to create technology that is sufficiently advanced to appear to the consumer as Engineering Magic®. While its solutions manifest as technology built for today, they envelop platforms that allow Bad Elf to respond nimbly to continual change and opportunity explored in partnership with its customers.

For more information, please contact:

Larry Fox

Bad Elf, LLC

Phone: +1 (855) 422-3353 x 409

Email: larry@bad-elf.com