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Send Us Your Pictures! GoGeomatics T-Shirt Series

Check out the new “Photos” page on the GoGeomatics MagazineJust look up and to the right on the MENU bar on this page! We’re posting pictures of our community members proudly wearing their GoGeomatics t-shirts, from coast to coast.

Send in your selfies, portraits, and snapshots to info@gogeomatics.ca to participate in the photo series. Make sure to include your name and a brief description as well! We’d love to see you wearing your GoGeomatics shirt in front of a breathtaking landscape, on your travels, at a GoGeomatics Social, or at an iconic Canadian monument!

Here’s a great example from Kirsti Oja, the GoGeomatics Edmonton Group Leader:


3 comments on "Send Us Your Pictures! GoGeomatics T-Shirt Series"

  1. Perhaps you should tell us how one might obtain a GoGeomatics T-Shirt.

    1. Sandra Baranek says:

      Hi Bernie,

      We’re raffling off t-shirts at the upcoming GoGeomatics Back to School Socials, taking place in cities across Canada – Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Niagara, Ottawa, and Halifax.

  2. Jon Murphy says:

    We normally get new T shirts every year. They have proven very popular as we change of the design each time. Each of the group leaders in Canada has a set and they’ve been asked to give them out at the GoGeomatics socials in their cities.

    We are considering setting up an order form so you can order one as well but it would have to be paid for. We have always given them away free so I’m a little leery of doing it that way.

    But if people want them let me know and we can setup a new order.

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