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Sharing Knowledge in Vancouver: Vancouver Group Leader Profiles

GoGeomatics free group networking events are open to everyone from all areas of geomatics, including business owners, professionals, students, and others. The purpose of the Socials is to build a thriving geospatial community through networking opportunities. Socials are held in pubs across Canada and are led by volunteer group leaders who share their time and knowledge. Please feel free to join our Vancouver Meetup Group here.

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This series is to introduce the community to those GoGeomatics Group Leaders.

Welcome to the GoGeomatics Vancouver Meetup Group

David Solari, GIS Analyst at Lecor

David Solari is a familiar face to the geomatics industry and GoGeomatics. He has been a group leader for about five years, and was awarded the “Top Volunteer Award” at a Back to School event in 2018.

Born and raised in Vancouver, David achieved a science degree from Kwantlen  Polytechnic, then went on to get a Bachelors of Technology in GIS from BCIT.

When David was in high school, his uncle was taking a college geomatics course as an elective at the same time. His uncle suggested David check it out. He discovered geomatics.

“I’ve been hooked ever since,” David said.

Besides his GIS courses, David became interested in Human Geography.

He was introduced to GoGeomatics when a BCIT teacher suggested David attend a networking “opportunity.” When some group leaders had to step down, David stepped up 

David has been employed in the geomatics industry for eight years. He’s all done with his schooling and now enjoys working for Ledcor as a GIS Analyst.

Connor Forsdick, GIS Technician at McElhanney

Connor Forsdick welcomes the role of Group Leader.

He was born and raised in South Surrey. After taking a year off to pursue further education, He returned to Vancouver where he currently lives. Although relatively new to GoGeomatics, he has attended events. This is his first official association with the GoGeomatics organization.

Connor attended the University of Saskatchewan from 2012 to 2017, where he majored in Environment and Society. He followed this with a year as a GIS Technician with the City of Surrey. He further pursued education for BCIT GIS ADP and graduated in the Spring of 2019.

During university, physical geography became his favourite area of study. He was always interested in understanding “how the complex natural systems around us transpire.”

His initial introduction to geomatics was at university where his GIS 101 professors’ passion for maps and geomatics inspired him to pursue GIS as a career.

During his time at BCIT, he heard about GoGeomatics events and students were encouraged to attend. His current work manager, Joy Leimanis, was a previous host and encouraged Connor to be a leader.

Connor is a GIS Technician at McElhanney, with five years of experience. He also works in the geospatial department as a LiDAR operator, collecting data in a plane around the country.

Now, Connor wants to give back to the geomatics community in any way he can. Being a Group Leader, and bringing people with shared interests together seems like a great way to start. He hopes he can share advice, experience, solutions, or even just a good event.

Connor has a few favourite quotes, “In relation to geomatics, ‘Everything is related to everything, but near things are more related.’  I always liked that. Personally, ‘K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid.’ is great advice.”

Do you live in Vancouver? Want to join our networking socials? Be part of our community here.

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