Showcasing Geospatial Advancements
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Showcasing Geospatial Advancements: Calgary’s National Expo Draws Canadian Experts

The GoGeomatics Expo 2023 committee members have been working hard to plan and execute a successful and inspirational geomatics expo in Calgary this year.  The expo will be the first geomatics technology exposition distinctive to North America. It is positioning itself to be the World’s leading trade show for the Canadian Geospatial sector. The expo has two exceptional educational partners involved, SAIT (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) and the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary. Together, the committee and partners are working together to showcase the Canadian geomatics sector to the world.  They are also developing a career fair to be held at the same time, same place, and free for job seekers.

Let’s welcome the 2023 GoGeomatics Expo Advisory Committee members:

  • Carina Butterworth, Educational Member, Instructor, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Jonathan Murphy, Expo Chair, GoGeomatics Canada
  • Hongzhou Yang, Educational Member, Assistant Professor, University of Calgary
  • Alex Hill-Stosky, Industry Member & SLAM Organizer, Eagle Engineering & Consulting 
  • Gavin Schrock, Industry Member, Land Surveyor, Consulting Editor
  • Gord McElravy, Association Member, Director, buidlingSMART Canada
  • Peter Srajer, Industry Member, Chief Scientist, ProStar Geocorp
  • Kenneth Ang, Industry Member, Project Manager / Geomatics Lead, Terra Remote Sensing
  • Mamatha Sanapala, Industry Member, GIS Developer, Peloton
  • Aleksander Kot, Strategic Advisor, Accountant, Doyle & Company Chartered Professional Accountants

Committee members agree there have been numerous, fascinating advancements in the geospatial industry during the last few years, and the expo is the perfect opportunity to showcase all the ideas and products while discussing them with colleagues across the vast area of geospatial practices. 

Ken Ang says, “As Canada’s geospatial expo scene is usually focused on specific areas, the GoGeomatics Expo in Calgary brings together the larger Canadian Geospatial and Geomatics community into a single event.”

Ang is excited to see how all the different technologies are applied across the “Canadian Geospatial scene.” He says the promotion of geospatial careers and geomatic educational institutions are of great significance. 

Another member of the GoGeomatics Expo committee is Peter Srajer. He is looking forward to networking at the expo.

He says, “I look forward to the off the wall conversations, the quirky ideas, the ‘that’s an interesting way of looking at it’ moments where you see another way of solving a problem. I guess it would be more formally called “networking” but as the geomatics field is quite focused in Calgary, it usually ends up as catching up with a lot of interesting people that expand your knowledge.”

Srajer also says the most interesting advancements come from diverse people coming together and discussing their opinions. The GoGeomatics Expo 2023 in Calgary will give the chance to meet “face to face” with new and old friends, students, colleagues, and mentors. Here they will be able to discuss and expand on ideas they may not have thought of.

Schrock says that he has been advocating for this kind of event for many years. “We don’t have anything like the huge annual German INETERGEO geo expo in North America. It was walking those exhibits with Jonathan Murphy where he outlined his plans for a new Expo hosted in Canada—I was eager to volunteer to help put it together,” said Schrock. “While there are some great geomatics events in Norh America, most are single vendor-centric. There is the wonderful GeoWeek conference, but there was definitely room for a new event, one that is focused on geomatics products, services, solutions, innovation, education, careers, networking—and it will be a lot of fun!”

GoGeomatics Calgary group leader, Mamatha Sanapala says “For me, the GoGeomatics Expo gives exposure to the latest trends in Canadian geomatics. I also believe these kinds of expos encourage sharing of knowledge, new ideas and innovations which leads to new solutions. Last but not least networking in the community.”

Experience the future of geospatial technology at the 2023 GoGeomatics Expo in Calgary. Join us to witness cutting-edge advancements, network with experts, and explore exciting career opportunities. Let’s shape the world of geomatics together at the Expo!

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