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Speaker Series: LiDAR & Forest Management at the Edmonton Social

*Editor’s note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the speaker has been postponed for the April Social. The social is still taking place April 22, and we’ll be watching the hockey game as a group! We’re hoping to bring you this talk next month, and will keep you posted as information becomes available.

GoGeomatics is excited to announce that we’re hosting our first ever speaker at an Edmonton social, taking place April 22, 6pm at the Mercer Tavern in Edmonton. We hope you can all make it out this month for an interesting talk that will give you an inside look into how LiDAR is working in Alberta.

This month, we’re welcoming Chris Bater, Forest Management Specialist with Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD). The title of Chris’ presentation is:

“Shooting trees with lasers: The Alberta Forest Management Branch’s airborne LiDAR initiative”

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is arguably the most important remote sensing technology to emerge in forestry since aerial photography became widely used in the mid-20th Century. Chris will discuss the Alberta Forest Management Branch’s LiDAR initiative, including mapping wet areas at very high spatial resolution, enhancing forest inventories with point clouds, and identifying biodiversity hot spots.

Chris has worked with the AESRD for the past three-and-a-half years. He did his MSc and extensive research at the University of British Columbia, on the use of LiDAR for assessing forest indicators. He has also authored several publications on the topic.

The Ottawa group networking and having a good time at the GoGeomatics social.

GoGeomatics Socials are monthly events where anyone with an interest in geomatics can learn something new, meet and network with others in the industry, and just enjoy a great night out. They are always fun, and always free. Our socials see geomatics folks from all disciplines and walks of life – students, professors, job seekers, young and seasoned professionals who are working in GIS, remote sensing, surveying and more.

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Not in the Edmonton area? We have socials taking place in cities across Canada. Click here to find a social near you.

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