What is a GoGeomatics Social and what is Sponsorship?

GoGeomatics Socials are free, casual networking events that bring together professionals from the disciplines of GIS, Surveying, remote sensing, geography, and engineering on a monthly basis. Socials take place in pubs across Canada in cities including Ottawa, Toronto,Vancouver, Kelowna, Halifax, Thunder Bay, London, Kingston, Peterborough, Calgary, Niagara, and Edmonton.

All Aboard for the Back to School Socials
The attendance varies from around ten to event thirty or forty people depending on the location, time of year, and the nature of that particular social. If you are sponsoring a social it means most likely you are speaking to the group and that brings in more participants.  Socials are a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and managers on the hunt for industry specific talent.  As well many young professionals and potential contractors enjoy networking in a friendly environment.

Why Sponsor a Social and what are the Benefits?

  1. It’s a fresh and exciting way to promote your brand and drive interest to your business, event or organization
  2. It’s an excellent way to promote a new product, service or activity
  3. It’s a great opportunity to meet or recruit passionate members of the geomatics community in a low key environment
  4. The event will be named after your company (Examples: TECTERRA Toronto GoGeomatics Social or the CRSS Vancouver GoGeomatics Social)
  5. Your company will have the opportunity to speak at the Social and hand out  materials
  6. Your company logo will be featured on table cards at the event
  7. You will promote your brand on a national level using GoGeomatics’ channel in the GoGeomatics Canada magazine
  8. In the Canadian Spatial Times bi-weekly newsletter (the most subscribed geomatics newsletter in Canada 7,000 Subscribers)
  9. On GoGeomatics’ jobs & events board and city specific webpage
  10. On GoGeomatics’ Social Media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

There are many benefits to becoming a GoGeomatics Sponsor.  You can down Download the Back to School GoGeomatics brochure here for the 2017-18 GoGeomatics Back to School social in September.  Contact us if you have any questions.